Barbara Gurney

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Barely Books by Barb
A selection of literary gifts 
Treat yourself or spoil a friend

Barely Books - Children's Series

The Detective 

(a child's gift) 


A preloved soft toy

A story in book form

A discovery map

The story relates directly to the toy as the detective has to find his lost favourite toy.


Barely Books - Boxed Series

The Crimson Scarf. A vibrant red scarf with a heartfelt love story.  $25

Barely Books - Children's Series


Three letter words to help read and spell.

Alphabetical stickers to encourage participation.

Barely Books

Garden Series

The Mystery Gardener

Marigold's Play of Love

Killing Thyme


Fiction story

A decorated card

Blank page for your message


A packet of cottage style seeds 


Poetry Stacks


Eight individual styled sheets of poetry


Postage and packing costs apply