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Award winning stories sit on an easel of storytelling, within a collection of multicoloured work. From "Purple", a powerful story of the lasting effects of meningcoccal, through shades of pink, white, silver and the bleakest of black, to "By Darkened Shore", where the struggle for independence is won.

Published by Ginninderra Press

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Footprints of a Stranger, 

Life's Shadows  

Purple and Other Hues- published by Ginninderra Press of Port Adelaide are available from : 

Ginninderra Press -

East Avenue Books, Clarence Park SA

Hobart Bookshop, Hobart TAS

Collected Works, Melbourne VIC

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 If you remember Joan Lindsay's Picnic at Hanging Rock, you need to see where the Road to Hanging Rock leads.  If not, this new story will expose you to the mystery of the Australia's ancient rock formation.

Australia's Hanging Rock, in country Victoria, casts its spell on a new generation in this powerful story of mystery and endurance.
The heart-wrenching tale of Miranda and Marion, who disappeared in 1900, in Joan Lindsay's Picnic at Hanging Rock, creates a conundrum. Discover what became of these young ladies as they struggle to survive.
While researching his family connection to the monolithic rock, Michael is imprisoned in the enigma of the past. His extraordinary experience leaves him questioning his future.
Rebecca, has no particular interest in the ancient formations until her car is threatened by an isolated storm near the turnoff to Hanging Rock. She is then inexplicably drawn to Michael and is compelled to discover why.
Events along a thread of time link their lives in this remarkable debut novel by Barbara Gurney in which past secrets tangle with the future. Time frames collide and bring together fantasy, romance and intrigue.  

Road to Hanging Rock is a heart-warming story highlighting friendship, strength of character and determination.

Road to Hanging Rock is published by JASPER BOOKS


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In The Promise we learn of an evolving but lasting friendship between four women: Eleanor, Pam, Jacqui and Rowena.

Determined to keep in touch, the teenagers make a promise linked to a set of teacups, the Friendship Cups.

After her Great-aunt Eleanor reveals stories of herself and her three friends, Carrie feels compelled to learn if they kept their youthful vow. Left with a matching milk jug and a notebook, Carrie contacts their families and discovers just how important the Friendship Cups were to each woman.

   The twists and turns in their lives reflect the ever-changing phenomena of friendships.

   The search also brings a surprise ending for Carrie.

The Promise is a heart-warming story of friendship and loyaty with a touch of romance.

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. London.

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This novella follows Barb's successful submission to Serenity Press' "A Bouquet of Love" anthology.

Someone is tying yellow ribbons on to the front door of Serendipity Bridal Boutique. But who? And why?

Nell is caught between now and the days when she waited for her fiancé Stan to return from war. Her daughter Fiona watches helplessly as Nell confuses past and present, convinced she is preparing for the wedding that took place years earlier.

When it transpires that Nell has been tying ribbons of love onto the door of the bridal boutique, the boutique’s owner invites Nell to visit the salon and search for the perfect dress, against Fiona’s better judgement.

This heartfelt story asks whether love can keep someone grounded when their grip on life is slipping away.



Life's Shadows continues the melancholy journey begun in Footprints of a Stranger

Barbara's poetry expresses others' hurt with a caring voice and a message of hope

Grieve with "The Ticket Home", overcome fear with "Conquering" and finally, "Sing Loudly".

Footprints of a Stranger is a collection of emotions - tip-toeing between the experiences of the author and the sentiments of others.

Barbara's poetry passionately explores attitudes, observes nature and reminisces.

Nature compels us to take heed - 'stand up, bring the world your courage'

Contemplations express the shadows lurking within us all - 'my dark forbidden place'

Joy comes from family, friends and life itself - 'A glance, a smile, pass it on to me'

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Footprints of a Stranger - Reviewed in The West Australian newspaper January 29, 2013

"The debut collection of short, always accessible poems from Barbara Gurney focuses on life experiences and philosophical musings. These range from the struggle to save a beached whale in The Sigh That Reaches Us All, to Commitment, describing the bond between a father and son, to the mater-of-fact exploration of Morning Tea, where "moments (are) stolen from an ordinary life". The tenor of the poetry is quiet and often mournful; moments of joy are precious and recalled in the midst of loss and the memories of a past life - likened, in the final poem, to "a garden that once was"