Barbara Gurney

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I cannot put your novel down. I am hooked...I've been trying to read only a couple of chapters a day. Yesterday I was at chapter minute I'm at chapter 15!!! arrrrgg!! How do I slow down? What a fabulous read. Thank you Barb... best book in my collection. And signed by the author and first edition! " Kim Shardlow

"Absolutely agree with the comment above. I couldn't put it down either. It was a fascinating read, you know one of those books you're sorry when it 's finished." Mary-Anne Stewart

Congratulations are certainly due for the excellent presentation of ‘The Road to Hanging Rock’.

 A larger than expected attendance caught organisers by surprise – it’s a fine book and sales deserve to be larger than expected too.

 Well done. Trevor Smith

Love the tactile feel of the book and the whole layout. It’s very enticing.

It’s fabulous!!! No jobs done coz too busy enchanted with the book. New Year mail only just gone out. We all love it and want more. Nothing but highest compliments coming from this group of friends. I have to read it again.

Suzie Cooper

A really delightful book launch - so well organized, and with a terrific turn-out... what a crowd of appreciative well-wishers and book-lovers. Well done, Barbara Gurney, with Road to Hanging Rock.

Rosanne Dingli

Hi Barbara, congratulations on such a successful book launch. It was delightful and you must have been so pleased with the turn-out. And let me say how interesting to have been in on the whole shebang from the very beginning as we all have. Super congratulations., I loaned my copy to a friend whose property incorporated Hanging Rock and whose children went to school in Woodend. She LOVED it. Can't say enough about it and she's another one who wants more.

Verna Moses. 

I did buy the book and read it within a few days and really enjoyed it. I did not work out the connection between Rebecca and Michael.

Again congratulations on your achievement

Chris Coopes

I finished your book and loved it - great read. This was a great book a little history, a little romance, a little of the unknown. Great combination and easy to read format

Coralie Plozza

Half way thru the book. Fantastic so far, really good descriptions & drawing out the story just right and teasing the reader. Mystery mystery!!. The shed!

Leigh Gurney

Have just finished your book, and wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I delayed starting it, suspecting after a quick scan that I wouldn’t be able to put it down – which was the case. Thank you for a good read.

Raylene Hewer

I finished reading Barbara's book. It's a good yarn with the different threads of the imaginative plot skilfully woven together, keeping my attention to the last page.

 Toni Mason

 Have just finished reading "Road To Hanging Rock," for the second time, and really enjoyed it again.

The first time I read it, I was so consumed with curiosity, what it was all about that I couldn't put it down. 
This reading I enjoyed taking my time, enjoying the unusual environment these women inhabited. I was fascinated with your character portrayals, and how you showed the strength and determination of the human spirit to survive no matter what.
It's definitely a winner. Mary-Anne Stewart

Thoroughly enjoyed your book – felt it was realistic and flowed. Julie Beresford

Yesterday decided that I would read your book. I've read it over the past couple of days and must congratulate you on your remarkable story and skilful way of creating characters '... locked in the middle of nowhere - trapped in time ...' I really enjoyed your writing and I'm amazed at how you were able to produce this other-worldly time when there were so few props to pad out a lifestyle, apart from conversation and the enjoyment of nature. What an innocent time when girls were naive and a cup of tea seemed to be the only substance necessary for enjoyment ... the mystery of the disappearance of the girls and the contrast with modern day life. I must say it developed extremely well in the final chapters and I was sorry to finish it. But it's now a mystery added to a mystery. 

It brought back some feelings and thoughts I had about life when a girl. I liked the lines that said, '... Marian supposed the whole mystery of Miranda's and her existence must be about time. Somehow time had aborted reality ...' And interesting the way you didn't try and bring science into the time factor and it worked. It really was like experiencing that period long ago.

Val Phillips

I've just finished reading 'Road to Hanging Rock' and want to congratulate you on a job very well done! I really enjoyed it, recognised bits of it from your early readings but a lot of it was new to me. It was a mighty effort as you had to bear in mind the original story, keep the mystery going, make it plausible and introduce the young couple in a meaningful way - no mean task ... I think your dialogue was superb bearing in mind all the above and the different time frames. ( I've yet to attempt any dialogue!!)

 Lots of beautiful and evocative descriptions of the Rock and I think you dealt so well with the fire in the cottage - full of suspense, pace and 'onions bobbing in water'. Brilliant! 

You obviously did a lot of research into the environment, the vegetation, Appleyard College and modern day Mount Macedon.

You really brought out the very different personalities of Miranda and Marion and their reliance on one another, their coping abilities (a lot to do with their backgrounds) and a sensitively delivered aging process. Just when I thought 'OK enough of them for now' you took us back to Michael and Rebecca - so in my opinion, a perfectly timed switch ...

Michael - a sensitive new-age guy, very attractive, artistic, loves his grandmother (I liked her too!) and Rebecca, a cat lover (so she must be alright!), open and 'up-front', quite ambitious and a lovely rapport with same grandma. A nice little 'happy ever after' as long  as they stay away from the Rock ...

I shall be encouraging friends here (UK) to read it now so will give you more feedback.

Pam Wilson

A very good book and I reckon good for a mini series, or movie follow up to Picnic at Hanging Rock, which Barron Films or someone similar, should jump at. Tim May



In My View - photograph & literature compeition.

Selected as winner for prose written from inspiration of photograph "On the Rhine" by Chris Barry. 2017



The Port Stephens Literature Awards 2017


Selected for inclusion in a competitive anthology - Serenity Press' A Bouquet of Love



In My View - photograph & literature competition

Selected as winner for prose written from inspiration of photograph "Frozen in Time" by Michael Taylor. 2016


First Prize: Geelong Writers Flash Fiction Competition: 2015

Old Enough for War

Highly Commended - Poetry Section

Yarram Community Learning Centre Annual Literary Compeition 2014

BY DARKENED SHORE  (announced 2013)

Raspberry & Vine Short Story Competition 2012


FIRST PRIZE: Yarram Community Learning Centre Annual Literary Competition 2012


`FIRST PRIZE: Minlaton Show Short Story Competition 2012


Honorable mention 2012 Golden Wattle Writing Competition

TO FILL THE HEART Highly Recommended. Stringybark Flash and Microfiction Awards 2012

JAKE'S NEW FRIEND (Children's story)

Charlotte Duncan Award 2010 Short Listed